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Hunting Safaris in South Africa

There is nothing quite as thrilling as a hunting safari in Africa.  We have wide variety of plains game and the members of the "Big Five". We offer quality hunting experiences, unforgettable stays and experienced professional hunters.

16 January 1916 Joubert Fourie arrived in the Nzhelele valley with a team of oxen, a couple of chickens and 5 shillings along  with his wife and two small boys.  100 years and 5 generations later Maswiri Boerdery has grown to what it is today.

Although we are a proud producer of citrus fruit and macadamia nuts; wildlife is where our passion awakes.  Since then Maswiri Safaris has grown into one of the country’s finest hunting destinations.  We are located north of the Soutpansberg between the Nzhelele and Limpopo river valleys deep in the lowveld of South Africa.  The lowveld – so called because it lies at a relatively low altitude between 500 and 2000 feet above sea level – offers the quintessential bushveld experience.

Here you can walk among giants and ancient trees with a landscape dotted with Baobab tree.  This is where we hunt, this is where we come alive.
Whether its facing down a Cape Buffalo or a first time hunt after Impala we share the same enthusiasm and put in the effort to ensure a your dream hunt becomes reality. No one can resist Africas call of adventure.

Let us take you there.  After a nights rest in one of our comfortable bush camps we wake up before the sun rises just to hear the night sounds fade and life begin.  We  sip a warm cup of coffee shaking the cold out of our legs in preparation of the days hunt.  All hunts are done on foot, the way it should be, ensuring a completely immersive experience. Every hunt is a unique adventure and challenge both mentally and physically.
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